Route Discovery

In order to route the traffic to internal services you need to add a tag and some metadata to the service definition before Flightpath can identify it as a valid target.

  1. Tag the service with in-flightpath
  2. Add metadata flightpath-route-main = the-domain.tld/path

and you should be able to access the service on http://thedomain.tld/path


Flightpath can route traffic to any service. It does not matter if the service has connect sidecar or not, if a service is registered in consul catalog with proper tag and metadata Flightpath can route traffic to it.

Flightpath watches consul catalog for services tagged with in-flightpath tag. A service with this tag means it is expected to receive traffic from edge.

After discovering the services Flightpath looks for service metadata. Any metadata attribute that starts with flightpath-route- is used for routing configuration.


Flightpath only cares about the flightpath-route prefix on metadata key. You can configure as many routes as you want simply by adding more meta attributes with this prefix.

For example one service can have flightpath-route-main, flightpath-route-path-prefix, flightpath-route-only-auth to configure three different routes with different domains and paths.

The value of a matching attribute must adhere to one of the following forms:


If the value is a fully qualified domain name then all the requests for this domain are routed to the service


If the value starts with a forward slash / then it is assumed to be a path based match. In this case the domain is set to wildcard, e.g. every request to /path will be routed to the service regardless of the domain.


Only the requests to specified path on specified domain are routed to the service.

domain.tld/path-prefix/, /path-prefix/ or /path-prefix/*

If the value has / or * as suffix it is assumed to be a prefix based match. In this case every request that matches the path prefix will be routed to the service, e.g. domain.tld/path-prefix/one/two or */path-prefix/one/two/three if the domain is omitted.